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Sample image Protecting your pet's health requires much more than opening up a bag of commercial pet food and throwing a Frisbee or ball of yarn now and then. Pets have unique nutritional, environmental and fitness needs, and disease will result when these needs are not met. Most pet owners want to keep their pets safe, but simply lack the knowledge. You don't have to be one of them.

Dogs & Puppies

Sample image The domestic dog has been one of the most widely kept working and companion animals in human history. Dogs are known throughout the world to be a "man's best friend," they are sociable pets known for their loyalty and companionship. There are some dogs though whose efforts go way beyond companionship. These could be sporting dogs participating in agility trials or acting as a guide dog for the blind or as a guard dog for security purposes. Strength, physical agility, endurance, keen natural senses and mental agility are fundamental to such dogs realising their potential as reliable friends, colleagues and life savers.

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Cats & Kitten

Sample image Cats are very suitable as pets. They are usually very easy-going, and there is no need to take them for walks. You can leave your cat alone for hours at a time, without any problems.Cats can live for many years. Because diet and medical attention has improved over the years, they live a lot longer than they used to, just like people. Many house cats reach the tender age of 16 or 17 years old. A cat will be happy if its basic needs are taken care of: the right amount of food, sufficient drinking water, a clean litter box and a few quiet spots to lay down and relax. Cats also enjoy the fresh air; by giving it a sunny place on the balcony or in the garden you will be doing your cat a great kindness.

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Scientific Remedies Pvt. Ltd. is a company that has emerged as one of the fastest growing companies in the Animal Health Industry with a wide product mix in the Pet Foods and Pet Products segment. It is being spearheaded by a visionary in the name of Dr. T. G. Chandramohan who has had more than 35 years of experience in the Animal Health Care Industry, has catapulted one of the leading Veterinary Pharmaceutical companies from a grassroots level to being the 5th largest company in the country and has made several contributions to the industry by the way of introducing innovative products and business practices.

Scientific Remedies is the father of many established brands in the fast growing Pet Products industry which includes Soaps, Shampoos, Tablets, Ear drops etc. It is also having a marketing tie up with M/s Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc. - a Division of Colgate Palmolive based at USA for marketing their “Pets Food’ in India.

Additionally, the Company has tied up with M/s Beaphar, Netherlands in 2007-08 and has started marketing their products for pet requirements in India. Beaphar is a 200 million Euro set-up having operations in 83 countries. Moreover, Scientific Remedies have already formed a 50:50 Joint Venture Company in India by the name of Beaphar Scientific Pvt. Ltd. for manufacturing and marketing of Beaphar products and is expecting a sizable turnover in the coming years.

Hill’s™ is a $2.2 billion subsidiary of Colgate – Palmolive, a company recognized around the globe for its efforts to create and sustain an excellent workplace where the unique contributions of a diverse workforce are valued.

 It all started more than 60 years ago when a young blind man asked Dr. Mark L. Morris Sr. if anything could be done to help his guide dog, who was suffering from kidney disease. Dr. Morris developed a special food for the dog based on his belief that pets with certain diseases could be managed through carefully formulated nutrition. This revolutionary formula would become the world’s first therapeutic pet food, Hill’s™ Prescription Diet ™ k/d™. Hill’s Pet Nutrition was born.

Hill’s™ makes the highest quality of pet nutrition available through their range of pet foods which includes the Hill’s Prescription Diet (brand for nutritional management of animals with specific diseases) and Hill’s Science Plan (brand products that help pets stay healthy and energetic throughout every stage of life.

The worldwide headquarters of Hill’s™ is located in Topeka, Kansas. Their seven manufacturing plants around the world help to manufacture the products that are sold in more than 90 countries worldwide.

Beaphar is a trend-setting development, production and marketing organization with a complete range of health and care products for pets.

The company was established in 1943 by Mr. Bernard Aa, and is still fully family owned. Through its wide base, Beaphar takes up a strong competitive position in both the European and global markets. Beaphar’s products are distributed in 86 countries worldwide, through exclusive distributorships and with its own sales offices in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Norway, Italy, Hungary, Greece, and Hong Kong.

Their range includes 800 different products, which are exclusive to specialist pet stores, and vary from health products to super premium complete foods. The core business of the company is its range of pharmaceuticals, flea control, anti-worm, antibiotic, and vitamin preparations.

In short: Beaphar has all that is special for your pet.

  • Safety First

    • Our rigorous Safety procedures are the foundations for your pet's well-being.

    The Best Nutrition

    • Precisely balanced nutrition through continuous research and innovation to meet the specific needs of your pet.

    Highest Quality

    • The highest quality food backed by your veterinarian's endorsement and our 100% guarantee.

    Great Taste

    • The delicious taste pets love, in the variety of flavors you like.

    Outstanding Value

    • We are providing cost effective quality products.
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